Ladies Only Book Club

Ok I have gotten all motivated folks and I have made a yahoo group. Its called Ladies Only Book Club, its a place for f/f fanfic stories to retire.  Lol ok no really its just a place where people can go to find some awesome fanfic.  I just hate searching the web for hours trying to find that one fanfic story that I read three years ago and now I cant really remember the name or the title cause its been so long since I have read it.  So I dont know if there are others out there like me but I just thought I would do my part to keep the love alive.  All fandoms are welcome.

Come one come all.

Writer's Block: Jackpot

I would pay off my debt for one thing, get my grandma a live in nurse to take care of her, and I would get a house big enough for my family and I so that we would not be on top of each other in the extra little house that we live in now.  Ummm....donate some to autism awareness  and research, maybe they can find a cure for my little man. Take my wife on a much needed a vacation and maybe take a little time to enjoy life.